15+ Free Procreate Brushes (ALL FREE & Updated 2022)

15+ Free Procreate Brushes (ALL FREE & Updated 2023)

Free Procreate Brushes: hello, everyone welcome back to the city of calligraphy Opps I mean Calligraphycity.

What do you think about today’s post?

Well if you are not a procreate user then this post maybe not suitable for you but if you want to learn something new then stay focused and read this blog till the end.

Now let’s talk to the procreate artist so you are looking for free procreate brushes for creating your calligraphy more interesting then you are on the right track.

Before jumping on the topic, one thing I want to make clear is that these procreate brushes that I’m going to mention below are totally free of cost they do not need any payment.

In my last post, I talked about Easy Way To Start Flourishing Your Calligraphy | Flourishing Tutorial For Beginners .

I’m going to share with you 15 of my absolute favorite FREE Procreate brushes.

Brushes that I use weekly, if not daily, on all my lettering projects in the Procreate app.

procreate logo

(If you haven’t gotten around to installing the Procreate app yet, go do that first so you can install and use these brushes now! Also, Procreate calls all of their art materials “brushes,” even if they are more like markers, pencils, stamps, etc.)

So hereafter, I use the word “brushes” to describe all of those wonderful things, too.

You can easily download these free procreate brushes by clicking on the link that mentions the font name.

Other featured topics that will help with your Procreate calligraphy:

Disclosure: None of the Procreate brushes listed below were created by me. All brushes are linked back to the creators’ websites so you can download the brushes from the source, as well as find out more about them and their

Finally, the intro is done Now let’s start the main thing.

Why This List is the One You Need

Now, if you’re not brand new to this lettering thing, you might be thinking,

“Margaret, you can find lists of free Procreate brushes all over the web. Why is yours better/worth my time/different?”

And I’ll tell you.

First, mine is better because my goal was not to find you 50 brushes or 100 brushes just to make the title of this post catchier.

If you found this list or any other list of Procreate brushes, you are most likely NOT looking for the overwhelm and unhelpfulness (I’m being told this isn’t a word, but I like it) that is installing that many brushes at once.

Most of them would go unused. You would feel guilty for spending all that time installing them and then never trying them out.

Yes, one of the benefits of going digital is access to an unlimited supply of materials.

But when you’re just starting out, my advice (and I hope this resonates with you, too) is to master a few first, and then bring in a few more at a time if you still have the need.

Or if you just are never satisfied and always wanting more, like me. 🙂

In addition, in a list of 100 brushes, there are going to be some great ones! But are they really all equally deserving of a spot on that list? Probably not.

I firmly believe that all 15 of the brushes listed below are worthy of the list!

If I had to choose one to not include, it would be a tough choice, a real nail-biter. Like choosing which of the Office characters to cut. THEY ARE ALL NECESSARY.

Lastly, this list of brushes is made specifically for hand letterers. All kinds of talented artists around the world use the Procreate app.

But, just like a doctor needs different tools to do their job than a teacher does, a hand-letterer has their own specific tools they need to do their job.

That’s what this list is. You’re welcome. 🙂

So, let’s get to it!

My 5 Favorite Free Procreate Brushes for Calligraphy

The Perfect Drills Brush

The first drill brush in the list comes from iPad lettering (This link actually includes free practice sheets, too!).

You can download the practice sheets and improve your skills with Perfect Drills Brush – Procreate brush

The Durango brush from Holly Pixels

durango procreate brush

second in my list called Durango Brush – Procreate brush one of the best and multipurpose free procreate brush you can use for calligraphy, lettering, and digital art.

The Rad & Happy brush from Procreate

Third in the list but one of the best Procreate brushes for me Rad and Happy Brush – Procreate brush you can also try and share your experience with us.

The Gracie brush from ipadlettering free procreate brushes

Gracie Brush comes with a cool name and a cool texture sure you will love this Procreate brush.

The Lemonade brush from The Lemonade Store

Lemonade Brush is one of the unique brush in my list you can check and share your views – Free Procreate brush

My 6 Favorite Free Procreate Brushes Lettering

Now let’s talk about the My other 6 favorite free procreate brushes for lettering check it out below.

The Shade brush by Halifax

shader Free Procreate Brushes

Shade Brush is one of the coolest and multipurpose – Procreate brush you can use this brush for verious of letteri

The Sign Marker brush by Alexis Gentry

you can use this Sign Marker Brush – Procreate brush for doing amazing fade type of lettering work you can also use this brush for more work according to your needs.

The Copy Cat brush by Alexis Gentry

Free Procreate Brushes

interesting name Copy Cat Brush is one of my favorite in this list you can also check and share your views on this brush.

The Shady Lady 2 brush by Alexis Gentry

Free Procreate Brushes

This Shady Lady 2 Brush is comes with beautifull texture you should go for it im sure you like this Procreate brush.

Any Monoweight Free procreate brushes

(The Rad & Happy and The Lemonade Store links in the above section take you to great Monoline brushes!)

The Technical Pencil (used for sketching, native in the Procreate app)

if you can do pencil work then close your eyes and go with this Technical Pencil Procreate brush you will never disspoint.

My 4 Favorite Free Procreate Brushes for Creating Patterns

Now the time for the end section in this list you will see my 4 favorite free procreate brushes for creating patterns types of work like lines and grid etc.

The Outlined Leaves brush from Printable Haven

one of the best Outlined Leaves Brush for outlines your work you should try and let me know your exprience with it.

The Chevron brush by Alexis Gentry – Free Procreate Brushes

Chevron Brush is also a cool brush using this brush you can create amazing zigzag artwork and lettering or calligraphy so try and share your view.

The Line, Rule, and Dot Grid brushes by Alexis Gentry

Dot Grid Brush is famous for grid type of work you can use according to your work needs.

The Grid brush (native in the Procreate app)

Last but not the lest Grid Procreate brush also known for the grid work you can also try this one for the griding work.

Final Words

If you liked the free Procreate brushes I recommended, make sure to subscribe to the blog (and get a free lettering ebook while you’re at it) to make sure you never miss a thing going on here at The Lettering Lodge!

In my next post, I’ll share a hand lettering video tutorial that I know you guys are going to love!

Until next time,


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