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21+ Free Procreate Brushes for iPad Calligraphy (Updated 2023)

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If you don’t have enough Procreate brushes, then Calligraphy on Procreate can be quite difficult. Well, don’t worry! Today’s post is all about the best free procreate brushes for calligraphy or art.

So, why wait? Let’s get into the topic, stick to the post till the end we will provide you with the top free 30+ brushes for procreate.

So now get over the wait and jump into the list of the best Procreate brushes for calligraphy!

20+ Free Procreate Brushes

You download all the brushes from here these all are free you don’t have to spend your money so just enjoy the calligraphy with us.

1. 6B Pencil

free procreate brush

This brush is mostly used for sketching. 6B pencil works just like a real pencil.

The writing looks natural. It creates dark strokes when you push harder and lighter strokes normally.

it is easy to draw like an actual calligraphy brush.

2. Artsy Procreate Lettering Brush

Artsy procreate brush for free


Artsy Procreate Lettering Brush has nice strokes which are pressure sensitive.

It looks different from other brushes of Procreate and gives you an outstanding experience while using it.

3. Mono Smooth Procreate Lettering Brush

free procreate brush

Mono Smooth Procreate Lettering Brush is not very pressure-sensitive as it doesn’t change thickness depending upon pressure.

It looks very simple and like a normal brush. It takes your handwriting and allows you to make it look like calligraphy.

this is more beginner-friendly.

4. Pointed Pen Procreate Lettering Brush

Pointed Pen Procreate Lettering Brush has a good pressure sensitivity feature, It is very firm to use, and you can use it regularly.

It creates a different kinds of textures square texture is the uniqueness of this brush

5. Looney brush


Looney brushes are a little bit more streamlined compared to other standard brushes available.

The brushes in Procreate, especially the free ones, don’t give a good and smooth feel to write but the Looney brush feels great.

This brush is also great in texture.

6. Stringy Brush


Stringy gives a good texture. This brush is good for painting, gives a washed-out feel like watercolor if you are using different colors.

It has a harder edge and is easy to layer on top.

It feels very realistic to use a Stringy brush.

7. Sharp Procreate Brush

This brush gives a very thick look and behaves like watercolor.

It goes heavier while using.

Working with a Sharp Procreate brush could be hard but in the right hands, it works magically. It is not for beginners.

8. Textured HC Procreate brush

Textured HC free procreate brushes

When you get this brush, it is bundled with some iPad lettering practice sheets.

The sheets go very well with the brushes and give you better practice.

The downstrokes of this brush are thicker and the upstrokes are thinner.

9. Fluff brush

Fluff free procreate brushes

This Fluff brush can not be said to be the best brush but it does a great job.

The downstrokes are not very thick but the upstrokes are good.

10. Streaky brush

Streaky free procreate brushes

Streaky brushes are more rounded and give a good texture to hand lettering.

It is good for practice and best for beginners to start calligraphy.

11. Imperfect brush pen

Imperfect free procreate brushes

The Imperfect brush pen is very subtle.

The tip of this brush is different than most of the other brushes.

The taper on the ends of the brush goes well. It is a lot thinner and smooth to use.

It can work well in different types of sheets and this brush is very good if you want to do experiments with your work.

12. Shade – by Halfapx

free procreate brushes

It gives a different style of shading.

Shade brushes also add a little bit of visual interest to the lettering.

It adds a shading effect which makes it interesting to work with without being bored for long hours.

13. Waterbased Brush

Waterbased free procreate brushes

The water-based Brush is so smooth that it will make you feel like riding an actual marker.

Brushes get a lot of texture.

The edges are just like you are using a sharpie.

It’s really fun to use this brush.

14. Glow brush

Glow free procreate brushes

The Glow brush is very similar to the shade brush.

This brush gives a glittery look to your work which is fun and interesting.

The Shadow portion of the shaded lettering is glittery and looks beautiful ad creative.

15. Blur brush

free procreate brushes

Blur Brush is more like a sign marker but got a very nice texture to it as compared to sign marker brushes.

The edges of the brush are rounded.

We can’t say it is glittery but it is shadier.

16. Double brush

Double free procreate brushes

The texture of this brush doesn’t change very much with pressure.

The double brush creates visual interest.

It is good for printing letters and drawing simple lines.

17. Note Pencil

free procreate brushes

The Note Pencil gives a pencil-like texture.

It can be used for detailing your work.

Also, It is good for sketch projects. If you want to try anything new in brushes, definitely go for this one.

18. Starburst Procreate brush

Starburst free procreate brushes

Starburst Procreate brush to give leave-like drawing on using.

It looks very creative and amazing when used in the right place.

It makes it simple to put letters inside a wreath.

This is best for making a nice cool pattern in the background.

19. Paper Texture Brush

Paper Texture is a clean brush very easy to use and beginner-friendly.

There are lots of varieties in terms of textures.

If you are a beginner at iPad lettering, this is a good option to go for.

20. Flat Brush

free procreate brushes

The way flat brush writes is very opaque which gives satisfaction to the writer.

I’d definitely love to give it a try.

This is a paid brush so you have to buy this one if you want to use it.

21. Homemade Procreate Brush

Homemade free procreate brushes

It gives a very amazing and cool texture and looks very pretty.

Anyone who wants to be creative with their work should go for this brush as it gives really nice and cool texture without much work.

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