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How to Improve Handwriting As An Adult (11 Guide From Scratch)

Handwriting is the way or style of writing which is unique to every individual if you can’t able to write clearly then we will tell you today how to Improve Handwriting.

All you need to understand is improve handwriting is a very personal thing.

You must have experienced that handwritten letters are always more effective than an e-mail or WhatsApp message, it is because there is a personal touch in the handwritten letter.

Your Improve handwriting also reflects your personality traits.

There is a special type of study for reading personality through a person’s signature.

Many have very neat and beautiful handwriting also many have very poor handwriting.

But not to worry, everything is possible with a little practice then why not Improve handwriting?

How to Get Improved Handwriting?

Better Handwriting

There are some really helpful tips and tricks that can help you improve your handwriting.

You just have to follow these simple tips. We will see them one by one-

1. Sitting Posture –

Sitting Posture while writing

A first and most important tip:

  • Your body should be in a relaxed position while writing.
  • Always sit comfortably, neither too bend nor too straight.
  • Relax the muscles in your arms and shoulders before you start to write.
  • If you are right-handed, tilt the lower part of your sheet upwards towards the right and if you are left-handed, tilt the lower part of your paper upwards towards the left then start writing on the sheet.

2. Grip –

Your handwriting is very much affected by the grip of your writing tool. Always go for a soft grip but keep in mind that it should give proper friction to your writing.

Prefer a comfortable holding position and don’t hold tightly as it can lead to hand fatigue and pain in your arm.

3. Letter Spacing –

Always keep spacing between words and letters consistent throughout the page.

4. Pressure –

Better grip for handwriting

Always go for medium pressure. Do not apply excess pressure, that will create impression on the next page.

Too less pressure will never help you in writing.

Use a soft grip and normal pressure for good results.

5. Slant –

People use different slants ( Left/Right/Straight) for writing.

The slant you choose is totally your choice whichever works for you.

Whatever slant you choose just keep it consistent.

6. Tangles –

Try to avoid tangles while writing.

Keep your words neat and simple.

7. Connect –

Stop joining letters.

Try to write all words clearly.

Avoid connected cursive.

8. Tool –

The tool is basically what you use for handwriting it may be a pen or a pencil.

Choose your tool wisely, it should give a smooth flow with the best experience.

There are different pens with different nibs and tips available on the market like Ball pens, Gel pens, Fountain pens, Pilot pens, etc.

The little used pen works best because when you start using a new pen, the friction it gives is really bad.

9. Distance –

The distance between your hand which is holding the tool and the nib should not be too far also not too close.

If your hand is too far from the nib, it would be difficult to control and if the hand is too close to the nib, your speed would be really slow.

Choose the optimum distance.

10. Stable Surface –

Write on a stable surface.

You need to improve your desk to improve your handwriting.

There should be plenty of space for the movement of your hand and your arms.

Your desk should not be moving while you write otherwise it impacts handwriting.

11. Practice is the Key –

To get success you need to practice writing daily.

Start slow and improve daily.

Review your work from time to time, catch mistakes and correct it.

Just keep going…

Improve Handwriting Practice for Adults

Handwriting Practice

Have you ever heard that “Practice makes a man perfect”? Let’s make our handwriting perfect with practice.

Practice every day by following given simple & easy rules.

Tips are divided into Seven levels make sure you can follow these from the beginning.

Practicing Drills

  • Practicing basic drills helps a lot for improvement.
  • Start with small vertical straight lines on a ruled paper.
  • After vertical lines try horizontal straight lines and then slanted straight lines for some time.
  • Then start practicing small semi-circles and then full circles.

Write More

  • Write at least one paragraph a day.
  • Remember this is the minimum requirement else you can write as more as you can.
  • The more you do, the fast you get the result.

Make Your Writing Interesting

  • Choose your favorite points/ quotes/ poem/ daily journal to make your daily practice more interesting.
  • A daily journal is best as it has many other benefits too.

Separate Notebook

  • Maintain a separate notebook/diary for practicing handwriting daily.
  • It will help you keep track of your progress as it will be visible in the notebook/ diary.

Always Review

  • Always review your handwriting from time to time.
  • This will keep you motivated throughout your improvement journey.
  • Love the process of writing with a hand in a world full of electronic messages.

Make Your Own Style

  • Always try to follow your own unique style of writing and try to improve it.
  • Never copy anyone else’s style of writing, it will ruin the real essence creating a very bad impact.
  • Take inspiration from all around the world but follow your style only.

Have Patience

  • Be yourself and feel confident &happy about your handwriting.
  • Have patience, it will not happen overnight. Give yourself some time and keep practicing again and again.
  •  Always use a smooth and comfortable pen.
  • Use plain paper. Practice on a fresh new page every time you start and not the used one.

How to Improve Handwriting for Adults?

Improve Handwriting for Adults

The question is what do we need in ideal handwriting?

The answer is simple. Handwriting should be fast, clear, and easy to understand.

Now, how to make handwriting fast, clear, and easy?

Let’s see them one by one –

How to Write Fast?

Before you start writing the main content, warm up your hand. Warming up hands for writing means drawing broken parallel lines horizontally and perpendicularly on a plane again and again and after straight lines, drawing circles and semi-circles for some time.

Check your pen, whether it is smudge-proof or not otherwise it can create disaster while writing.

The grip should be of good quality and give good friction to your writing.

Choose the optimum distance.

Take care of the quality of the pen and paper you are using.

How to Write Clearly?

Be very conscious about your writing. Try writing every letter of each word clearly and consciously. Keep the spacing between the words and letters consistent. It will create a good effect in the eyes of viewers.

Avoid connected cursive. It is very difficult to understand by many people. If you are using cursive, try not to join letters instead write independent letters.

How to Make Your Writing Easy to Understand?

Always take care of angle and height while writing. Whether you are writing straight/slanted, you have to maintain the same angle all the time. We know that uneven letters don’t get good impressions.

Use big and bold letters. Avoid writing very tiny letters and very thin in a poor manner.

Some Benefits of Writing by Hand are –

  • Writing helps you process information more quickly.
  • Writing helps you articulate your knowledge.
  • Make connections with others.
  • Written affirmations work like magic.
  • Improves creativity inside you.
  • Create a good impact on others.

You are finally done with good and improved handwriting.

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An average student spends around 60% of their time in school writing, even in this increasingly digital world.

Most of us are so used to typing that our handwriting has almost lost its real essence.

Everything has its own importance in this world same applies to handwriting.


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