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101+ Lettering Styles Best Guide for Beginners 2023

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There are many different hand lettering styles surely you can create by yourself, and that means that creativity has no limit A little research about the lettering styles can boost your creativity as well as your confidence.

Different Lettering  Styles

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Before starting a list let’s first understand what is lettering style.

Lettering is the art to explain your feelings using words and letters after all expression matters.

So let’s jump into the deep dive into types of lettering styles.


A serif is a decorative beautiful stroke that finishes the end of a letter. we can say that a serif font is a font that has serifs, while a sans serif is a font that does not have serifs.

Serif lettering & sans serif letters have almost the same form of letters but there are two main differences between sans serif and serif lettering. Small decorative strokes are added at the end of the letterforms in serif& not every stroke has the same thickness.

2. Vintage

Vintage can be said as a style that used to be contemporary in the 19-20th century.

So, The decorations, textures, and colors used in vintage lettering are very unique.

Vintage lettering is a really good way to represent something old and traditional.

It is getting quite trendy in the design industry as a lot of people recognize the beauty behind this style.

You should do a little research about vintage before starting.

3. Cursive

Cursive alphabets are used in Cursive lettering. It is a style of joined-up lettering in which the letters are connected to help you write faster.

So, This is used as an alternative to block letters. It is less commonly known as script handwriting.

We construct a letter in cursive form by dividing it into separate shapes rather than drawing it as a whole. Cursive writing or you say, cursive style of writing is very easy once you get to know the cursive alphabets.

4. Sans serif

Sans serif lettering or block letters is the best lettering style for beginners.

The reason is their basic shapes which allows you to focus on their individual form and also on their relationship with other letters.

While doing sans serif lettering it is very important to maintain consistency throughout the thickness, heights, spacing, strokes, etc.

5. Creative lettering

Creative lettering is a type of lettering that also incorporates different elements besides letters like illustrations, textures, play on words, perspective, etc.
Instead of just drawing letters in nice shapes and forms, you can add illustrations, motives,  and other elements to give it some context and bring it to life.
The creative lettering style can be one of your favorite lettering styles.

6. Gothic or Blockletter Calligraphy

Gothic is very closely related to Germanic cultures.

It is a type of script used in various parts of Western Europe from about the middle to the early eighteenth century.

it is a great style if you are trying to communicate a certain message.

The gothic style of lettering is quite distinctive and creates a very nice contrast compared with other lettering styles.

Apart from these, Gothic lettering is considered comparatively difficult.

7. Graffiti

Graffiti is easy to read styled lettering style. It is more complex than other easy styles.

There are different types of graffiti & there are also plenty of different lettering styles used by writers of graffiti.

Many of them were designed by graffiti writers in starting years.

Tagging is the style of graffiti that is easiest, simplest, and most recognized around the globe.

8. Traditional calligraphy

Traditional calligraphy has a more upright script or slanted script usually.

General letterforms are used while writing traditional calligraphy.

Different forms of traditional calligraphy were created in various countries around the world including:

  • Japan
  • India
  • Tibet
  • Europe

but it is believed to mainly originate from China.

So, This lettering style has been evaluated a lot since its origin.

Tattoo Lettering Styles

tattoo lettering style

Tribal Tattoo Lettering 

When you see a tribal tattoo lettering, it is often just bold dark lettering.

eventually, Tribal tattoo markings differ from culture to culture, but examples include patterns and recognizable images.

The thick lines and black ink define the tribal style.

Chinese Tattoo Lettering Style

It’s very similar to Japanese lettering.

You can either use an Asian font or actual Chinese characters while Chinese lettering.

The Celtic Tattoo Lettering  style 

Unlike, the Celtic tattoo is designed in open style font and inking a Celtic pattern inside the letters.

The designs are created using capital letters.

So This is an example of an open style font a larger size filled in with Celtic lace.

Yold Anglican font can be used which is very similar.

Japanese Tattoo Lettering style 

Japanese characters are used in making Japanese tattoos.

You will have to simply translate your language to Japanese characters by using an application from the web.

Arabic Tattoo Lettering style 

Arabic tattoo lettering would be lettering using Arabic writing.

Again you would have to use a web application to get your desired quote or a word translated.

You will have to keep in mind that it is written right to left not left to right like English letters.

Calligraphy Tattoo Lettering style 

Calligraphy lettering is done using calligraphy fonts and it is a highly requested font.

The main drawback of this kind of lettering is its readability.

Keeping that thing in mind, you should go for tattoo lettering so that it is visible to people.

Font Lettering Styles

font lettering styles
Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

1. Serif fonts

Serif fonts originated from the Latin alphabet.

It is a widely used font and you can easily find this font around you for example- Times New Roman.

Eventually, They are very much associated with tradition, culture, and trust.

Surely Many famous brands use serif fonts, especially brands in the fashion and finance industries.

Similarly, Examples of brands using serif fonts include Vogue, Burberry, and J.P. Morgan.

2. Sans serif fonts

Sans serif is considered a simple font without the serif or curve at the top and bottom of the letterforms.

So, Company’s opt for sans serif for its clean and bold look and efficiency.

We all know that Google’s decision to shift from its signature serif font to a sans serif font was heavily discussed.

3. Slab Serif Fonts

Slab serif fonts are the bolder version of serif fonts that attract the viewer’s attention.

It is mostly used by large media spaces for example- billboards.

The key reason why this font is usually used in large spaces is its readability.

In other words, This font is very easy to read and its legibility is very popular across the Globe.

4. Decorative fonts

Decorative fonts are made by combining various styles and graphics.

Examples of this font include bangers and Fredericka.

So, Though it is made up of different styles, you can make your own unique font style.

The only disadvantage is the risk of being copied or can be is seen as copied.

5. Script fonts

The cursive handwriting style is mainly known as the script fonts.

So They usually have a strong presence whether formally or otherwise as they are unique style fonts.

Script fonts are associated with being elegant, unique, and memorable very easily.

6. Handwritten fonts

So, the Handwritten font style gives a human touch feel and is the kind of typography that is most important.

Similarly, Unlike standard serif and sans serif fonts, these types of options seem to be more personal and designed to give even digital elements a comparatively personal touch.

Some Handwritten Fonts

  • Amatic SC
  • Indie Flower
  • Kalam
  • Kristi
  • Marck Script
  • Desyrel


So, This is all about the lettering styles hope you will understand all the lettering styles.

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