How to Draw Graffiti Letters for Beginners

How to Draw Graffiti Letters for Beginners (12 Guide’s in 2023)

Graffiti Letters are a kind of artistic font that is sometimes difficult to read properly.

Graffiti Letters have the element of exaggeration and absurdity when they display surreal outlines & shapes together with the use of different colors.

It is one of the most attractive and fun paintings which gives a “cool” vibe.

Graffiti Letters Beginners’ Guide

A Graffiti artist always starts with sketching. Prefer a single sheet of paper.

If you are completely new to graffiti, start sketching the most basic letters you can.

It is better to understand letter structure before you change it and add your style to them.

Graffiti Letters
Image by Anja from Pixabay

Grab some spray paint and pick your colors.

In case you don’t have any idea about what color to pick, you can use the color wheel.

Get your can, shake it well and you are now ready to go. Don’t forget to choose a clean wall where you are going to display your creativity.

Let’s Start

  1. Draw outlines first.
  2. Prefer light colors for outlining.
  3. You can use two colors, one of which is dark and one light.
  4. Use the lighter one first. Always make the outline thicker.
  5. When you are done outlining the desired letters, start filling it.
  6. Fill in the form of straight lines because they are one of the hardest things you can do in graffiti.
  7. It is never too early to start practicing.
  8. After finishing filling in the letters, you have to do the second outline.
  9. The second outline is the line you put around your first outline.
  10. This will separate the outline from the background.
  11. The last step is highlighted. A highlight is often a white line inside your graffiti paint.
  12. This helps to separate the graffiti paint from the filling.

Now you are done. Don’t forget to click a nice picture of your art !!

Find your Own Graffiti Style.

find your own graffiti style
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Following are some tips and tricks to find your own Graffiti style.

Start Sketching Consistently –

Sketching means practicing graffiti lettering. The more you practice, the more you get clarity about the structure of graffiti letters.

Practice is a must to become a fine artist.

Research –

Grab maximum information about graffiti letters.

Search for tricks and techniques from all around the world.

You always have to learn more to get more. Graffiti has many types, keep researching them all time to time.

Keep track of your improvement from time to time.

Graffiti Books –

There are a lot of graffiti books available in the market.

Go out and get them, it will help you improve your practice and achieve really great heights.

There are also good practice books.

Graffiti Movies –

Watch some graffiti movies.

Social Media –

Social media is a platform nobody is unknown of it in today’s era.

If you use social media for information, it is a great platform where you show your interest in a subject or thing you will get to know about it more and more.

Explore graffiti on social media, you will get some really good stuff that you must have not heard about before.

Sketch the Alphabet –

Pre-prepare the final art. Always sketch the alphabet on a sheet of paper before you go for the final work. Believe me, it will boost both your final art and your confidence.

Don’t Copy –

Don’t copy what you see everywhere. Remember copying will not let you explore yourself more. You do things better when you do them in your own style because it is unique.

Upgrade Supplies –

Upgrade Supplies
Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay

Starting with a simple pencil and any sheet of paper is definitely not a bad idea but after some time you have to get some essential stuff like paper books, colors, special sheets, etc. Upgraded supplies for painting will upgrade your style of art.

Explore Outside to Paint Go out and Paint –

Now after practicing on paper, it is time to explore outside and search for space for painting.

Easy Graffiti Bubble Letters

There are different graffiti letters, them learning how to draw bubble graffiti letters is a very easy task.

Graffiti letters are fun to do and a great way to create text.

There are several ways and the result makes us think that it is quite difficult to make.

However, if you break the process into small processes, you will find it easy to do.

This form of graffiti is easier than others.

We will break down the processes into some easy and simple steps that are very easy to follow.

Bubble letters are easily modifiable.

We will need some tools —

  1. Pencil- For easy and earlier stages of constructing letters.
  2. Three-micron pens and one black pen.
  3. Copic Markers – It is good to have a good knowledge of a variety of colors to draw graffiti letters.
  4. Paper- There is no stress on paper, we can use any paper available

Step 1 – Writing a letter

Take a pencil and write a letter. You can write it out however you will prefer.

You could add slight curvature to your line.

Step 2 – Give the letter a rounded hook

When written out, we can add a body to our letter by drawing around it.

Add curvature to all the points where letters change direction.

It means curving your edges to create a rounded bubble-like quality.

Step 3 – Highlight lines

We can now proceed to give the letter highlights.

We can do it by establishing the direction of the source of light.

Now add highlights by drawing little curved shapes along with curved parts of the letter.

Step 4 – Filling in the letter

Once our letter is drawn, we can now fill the letters with a Copic marker.

Use the same color as you used to outline the letters and highlight shapes within letters.

Step 5 – Outlining the letter

Giving an outline to letter is a final addition.

It gives the letters a more graphic look.

We can do this by Black Copic marker.

This is the process to make bubble graffiti letters.

Once you understand the way to construct a single letter you can now draw any letter by following the same process as above.

Wildstyle Graffiti Letters

Wildlife graffiti form of graffiti is a very known and famous form of writing.

Highly stylized letters are used in this form.

Each graffiti artist follows a pattern and technique to write.

The writing often seems to be utterly mysterious and indecipherable which means wildlife-style of graffiti can be decoded by only those who know or with patience to decode a wildstyle piece.


So, this is all about the graffiti letters hope you will like it or learn something new today.

If you really enjoy the process of dwaring belive me you the real artist…

So let’s end the process and take care, I’ll Join you on the next one…


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