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Have a boring day or not you can’t decide what to do? So let’s make your day creative and make some art pieces on the iPad using procreate here are a few Easy Things to Draw on Procreate.

In this post today we will tell you interesting things to draw on procreate or give you procreate drawing ideas.

Sometimes you have time and skill but you can’t decide what to draw on Procreate.

So now we will solve your problem and give a better idea and make your day more creative with this post.

Now let’s start with 50+ Things to Draw on Procreate.

But first, you have to have a basic understanding of Procreate so let me start with this…

What is Procreate Introduction

I’m sure if you are an artist and you own the iPad then you are pretty much aware of the procreate.

But In case some people do not have any idea about Procreate don’t worry I’ll explain it.

Procreate – An award-winning, sketching illustration and painting app exclusively made for iPad.

A tech startup which is located on the Australian island state of Tasmania is Savage Interactive. Procreate was invented by it.

The most advanced app for painting on a Mobile device ever designed is Procreate.

It is a complete art studio that provides artists with almost every tool they need for their projects.

It is created to work in harmony.

You receive the feeling of real-world drawing with the power of digital art in this procreate app.

This is the basic introduction to Procreate app if you want a detailed tutorial about procreate you can check the attached articles below.

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Easy Things to Draw on Procreate

Here is the list of what things to draw on procreate with proper tutorial videos you can watch and try yourself.

So let’s start the count down…

1. Night Scene

You can make this beautiful night art scene with a few steps what else is better to draw a dark night with a beautiful moon?

If you like this night scene and want to draw you can watch this video all the re

sources are available with the video and all settings with the color palette.

Must Recommend art piece if you are planning to make your night creative.

You can also dedicate this art to someone whom you want to spend your lovely night with the moon.

2. Sunrise

What is an else better thing to draw on procreate than beautiful sunrise in the morning?

A Redish sky with clouds around the sun gave you the best sunrise vibe.

You can watch this tutorial on youtube then you will definitely be able to draw this beautiful sunrise on Procreate.

3. Water Drop

Imagine it as a rainy day with a rainy vibe and you are stuck at home watching out of the window the raindrop on your hand.

What an amazing feeling you can’t go outside but you can make this quick realistic-looking water drop on Procreate.

So, Here is the best possible way to make an easy water drop which is a tutorial on youtube.

4. Underwater Melon

Do you like watermelon if yes then why you are waiting?

let’s pick up your apple pencil and iPad let’s draw some 3D looking underwater watermelon.

You can easily draw this amazing and creative underwater watermelon by watching this tutorial.

Go and watch so some love comment down if you really like the tutorial or if you are able to make this watermelon.

5. Candle

A dark night with a beautiful candlelight dinner with your loving one what a deadly combination.

if you want to impress your loving one don’t think much just dedicate beautiful candlelight art to her or him.

by watching this tutorial I’m sure you are able to make this art very easily.

6. Tattoos

If you are a tattoo artist what else better than designing tattoos on Procreate?

Apart from that, if you are planning to do a tattoo on your own then give the first try on Procreate it will help you to find a perfect design for you.

Here are tutorials with some example designs you can give a shot at these designs or you can also try to make something out of the box.

Comment down if you finally decide what tattoo you are going with.

7. Hand lettering

So, finally, let’s come on to some lettering stuff procreate is quite famous for calligraphy or hand lettering.

In fact, if you are really interested in calligraphy or hand lettering you can check our tutorial on hand lettering on procreate.

Unlikely, if you decide to do hand lettering on Procreate then you will require some special brushes for hand lettering you can check out 15+ Free Procreate Brushes (ALL FREE & Updated 2022).

For sure you can give try hand lettering you can watch the tutorial for the basic guide.

8. Midnight Moon

Ok, we will already cover the sunrise and night scene but how we can forget the Mid-night Moon?

Yup next on the list is the midnight moon with a beautiful sky with trees and a reddish moon.

You can make this portrait by following a few easy steps. must try this by watching this tutorial this video is made for beginners.

9. Flowers and Plants

If you are a person who loves flowers and plants then here is something for you.

You can make these 3 flowers by following a few steps.

Flowers are something that is enough to become a reason for your loved-on-face smiles. so make sure you can dedicate this artwork to your favorite one.

10. Illustrated Letters

Finally, last but not least you can’t decide what things to draw on procreate then give a try to illustrated letters.

you can watch this tutorial on youtube it will really help you to make perfect illustrated letters.

11. Celestial Skies

Hop into the Procreate app and create a starry night sky, full of galaxies, planets, and shooting stars – the possibilities are endless!

12. Colorful Landscapes

Get creative with your landscape drawings by adding vibrant colors and delicate textures. The perfect way to express your inner artist.

13. Surreal Faces

Draw the faces of your friends and family with a surreal twist. Procreate makes it easy to create unique facial features that look like they’re straight out of a dream.

14. Whimsical Animals

Let your imagination run wild as you draw fantastical animals with Procreate! From unicorns to dragons to mermaids and beyond, your creativity will be sure to take off.

15. Objects in Motion

Capture the feeling of motion with Procreate’s smooth drawing tools. Create action-packed drawings of balls, cars, planes – anything that moves!

16. Food Art

Draw yummy food creations with Procreate! From slices of pizza to sugary cupcakes and everything in between, you’ll be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

17. Nature Scenes

Capture the beauty of nature with Procreate! Draw stunning landscapes full of trees, flowers, lakes, and more.

18. Graffiti Art

Get artsy with graffiti-style drawings! Procreate makes it easy to create bold designs that look like they came straight from the streets.

19. Patterns

Create beautiful patterns with Procreate’s pattern editing tools. Draw intricate shapes, colors, and textures for a truly eye-catching masterpiece.

20. Abstract Art

Experiment with abstract art using Procreate! Draw shapes, lines, and colors in unique combinations for a truly one-of-a-kind artwork.

21. Textured Paintings

Add texture to your paintings using Procreate’s painting tools. Create a beautiful masterpiece with textured layers that look like they were painted by an artist.

22. People and Portraits

Draw charismatic people and portraits with Procreate! Whether it’s a pet, family member, or celebrity, you’ll be sure to capture the essence of your subject.

23. Sketches

Easy and effortless sketches are possible with Procreate! Sketch out a quick drawing of anything that comes to mind – it doesn’t have to be perfect, just draw whatever comes naturally.

24. Doodle Art

Get creative with doodles! Draw whatever comes to mind with Procreate – from funny characters to crazy creatures, your doodles will be sure to put a smile on your face.

25. Fantasy Worlds

Create a fantasy world of your own with Procreate! Draw the land, the sky, and all the creatures that inhabit it for an imaginative masterpiece.

26. Color Blocks

Draw bold, colorful blocks with Procreate! Add texture and patterns to the blocks for an extra creative touch.

27. Mandalas

Design mesmerizing mandalas with Procreate’s pattern tools! Create intricate details and colorful designs for a truly captivating drawing.

28. Architectural Wonders

Draw famous monuments and architecture with Procreate! Challenge yourself to recreate the look and feel of some of the world’s most amazing structures.

29. Inspirational Quotes

Put inspiring words on paper with Procreate! Write out uplifting quotes or your own personal mantras for a meaningful artwork.

30. Zentangle Art

Procreate makes it easy to draw captivating Zentangle art! Create intricate, repetitive patterns for a truly mesmerizing drawing.

31. Cityscapes

Draw the hustle and bustle of city life with Procreate! Capture the beauty of bustling streets and towering skyscrapers in your drawings.

32. Rainy Days

Procreate allows you to capture the mood of a rainy day with ease! Draw puddles, umbrellas, and other rain-related items for a truly atmospheric drawing.

33. Animal Monochromes

Create monochrome animal drawings with Procreate! Draw wild creatures in shades of black, white, and gray for a truly striking artwork.

34. Maps

Draw detailed maps with Procreate! Capture the layout of your favorite city or town – complete with landmarks and other notable features.

35. Icons

Create simple yet powerful icons using Procreate’s shapes tools! Draw recognizable symbols for web design, logo design, and any other creative project.

36. Cartoon Characters

Easy cartoon characters are possible with Procreate! Create funny faces and lovable characters for a truly entertaining drawing.

37. Interiors

Draw beautiful interiors with Procreate! Capture the look of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more – complete with furniture and other details.

38. Food

Draw delicious food with Procreate! Get creative with your favorite dishes – from pizza to pastries, your drawings will be sure to satisfy any craving.

39. Landscapes

Easy landscapes are possible with Procreate! Draw rolling hills, towering mountains, and vibrant forests for a truly captivating artwork.

40. Deserts

Procreate makes it easy to capture the beauty of a desert landscape! Draw sand dunes, cacti, and other arid items for an unforgettable drawing.

41. Graffiti Art

Create captivating graffiti art with Procreate! Add vibrant colors and bold shapes to your drawings for a truly unique artwork.

42. Human Figures

Easy human figures are possible with Procreate! Draw the body in various poses for an expressive artwork – complete with facial features and clothing details.

43. Memes

Put funny words on paper with Procreate! Create hilarious memes for meme-lovers of all ages – your drawings will be sure to get a laugh.

44. Seascapes

Procreate allows you to capture the beauty of the sea! Draw crashing waves, seagulls, and other maritime elements for a truly stunning artwork.

45. House

Procreate will allow you to draw an amazing house with a few easy steps.

46. Minimalist Art

Easy minimalist art is possible with Procreate! Draw simple shapes and lines for a truly captivating piece of artwork.

47. Animals

Easy animals are possible with Procreate! Draw wild creatures in their natural habitats for an unforgettable drawing.

48. Fantasy Art

Procreate makes it easy to draw captivating fantasy art! Create mythical creatures, magical spells, and other fantastical elements for a truly enchanted artwork.

49. Pen and Ink Drawing

You can draw this pen and ink drawing on procreate that looks real created by pen.

50. Motivational Quotes

Add inspiring words to your drawings with Procreate! Use famous quotes or your own personal mantras for a meaningful artwork.

And there you have it – 50 Easy Things to Draw on Procreate! From cityscapes and animals to raindrops and fantasy art, let your creativity roam free with Procreate. Have fun exploring all the possibilities that Procreate can offer! Enjoy your drawing journey!

Happy creating!

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Final Words

So, this is all about the Easy Things to Draw on Procreate. hope you will like the post.

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